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Mat Brener
Agricultural Engineer; React Environmental
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
GVE Volunteer since November 2001

Matthew Brener is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He received his degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1993. He is currently employed by React Environmental Services, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he conducts risk assessments and remediation of former industrial properties.

Matthew has worked with GVE since 2001, participating in several projects including training of local community groups in El Salvador, and review of environmental reporting associated with construction projects near Las Paracas in Peru. He has also worked with other volunteer organizations, including CEASDES, a non-profit development group in El Salvador, and with the Greensgrow Philadelphia Project, an internationally recognized organization that researches and implements techniques appropriate for urban agriculture.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador

Christian Busch
Staff Engineer • Geotechnologies Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina
GVE Volunteer since March 2001

Chris has volunteered with many organizations including the American Red Cross and Aprodehni but only with GVE does he get to apply his valuable geotechnical experience. That experience has contributed directly to empowering the Lower Lempa communities of El Salvador regarding their efforts to perform maintenance to 34-km of flood control levees. Chris also recently lead a series of community workshop to assist over 5,000 residents impacted by potential landslide is Las Colinas, El Salvador.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador

Sarah M. Cunningham
Project Manager • MicroDesk
Waltham, Massachusetts
GVE Volunteer since GVE inception

Ms. Cunningham, a registered Professional Engineer, has developed varied experience over eight years of providing civil engineering services to private developers and public agencies.
In 1992, while working toward her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts in Civil Engineering, Ms. Cunningham began her career with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. After graduating in 1993, she pursued a consulting career in civil-works infrastructure specializing in land development, wastewater collection and treatment systems, watershed analysis, landfill gas control systems, as well as construction estimating and inspection. In 2003, Ms. Cunningham received her Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University. Ms. Cunningham is a former GVE Director.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cambodia.

Carolyn Weymouth
Wetland Biologist • R.I. Department of Environmental Management
Providence, Rhode Island
GVE Volunteer since June 2001

An alumna of the American University of Beirut, with a strong interest in a global approach to environmental issues, Carolyn set a personal goal of finding a way to put her 20 plus years of experience in the field of environmental regulation to use in developing countries. Global Village Engineers provided the perfect match for volunteer involvement. In 2001, Carolyn was part of a GVE team traveling to the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico to help inform Reserve managers, government officials and citizenry regarding the potential impacts of a proposal to route a high power transmission line through 71 km of the Reserve. This year she and GVE collegues provided an evaluation of the adequacy of Environmental Impact Assessment documentation on proposed natural gas development projects in Peru. " Helping people in developing countries to make informed decisions about managing their resources is vitally important to the quality of life on our planet in the future. It's not only exciting and rewarding to be a GVE volunteer, it is a privilege that I cherish."

GVE Project Experience: Mexico and Peru

Michael Clough
Senior Civil Engineer; Holes Montes, Inc.
Naples, Florida

Mike Clough has worked for over 23 years in various types of water resources engineering. He currently is with Hole Montes, Inc., a full-service civil engineering firm in southwest Florida. He is in their environmental engineering department and designs, permits and supervises construction of wastewater treatment plant, water treatment plant and utility pipeline projects.

He graduated in 1980 from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He has since become a registered Civil and Agricultural Engineer. He has worked in the engineering department of a company that had 85 cotton gins in Arizona and California; in a consulting firm designing sprinkler, drip and surface irrigation for farms on Indian reservations in Arizona; for a farmer in Arizona designing then-revolutionary subsurface irrigation for field crops; for a consultant in California designing reservoirs and stormwater management systems for vineyards; and for a consulting engineering firm in Chile for the mining industry. He even spent a few years off in Costa Rica, making tropical jams for the tourist industry and learning Spanish.

With GVE, Mike went to the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico with another volunteer to survey the communities and propose wastewater treatment methods that would be effective and affordable. “I have always been interested in working internationally to improve living conditions for communities. The communities in the Sierra Gorda are motivated to improve their wastewater treatment and my volunteer experience with GVE has used my experience to provide important and beneficial information to allow these communities to make informed decisions”

GVE Project Experience: Mexico

Kate Barrett
Quincy, Massachusetts
GVE Volunteer since August 2002

Kate Barrett has more than 12 years of experience designing and implementing community relations programs, focused primarily on public education and outreach around environmental and community development issues. The programs increase awareness about and participation in decision-making, which is essential to build public trust and support.

Ms. Barrett currently works at Regina Villa Associates, Inc. (RVA), a public relations firm in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in public involvement programs. As Project Manager for the firm, she provides strategic planning services and manages program implementation for public and private sector clients engaged in designing and building large scale environmental and infrastructure projects in New England. Many of the projects are located in diverse, urban neighborhoods. A key aspect of her work is organizing public and neighborhood meetings and developing interesting and easy to understand materials from often highly technical information.

Prior to joining RVA, Ms. Barrett worked as an independent communications consultant to municipalities, regional initiatives and community organizations on land use and watershed management issues. As a result of her work with community-based organizations, state and local public agencies, and private sector clients, Ms. Barrett has an understanding of the special issues that often come into play when the activities and interests of these groups intersect.

Ms. Barrett has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Ohio State University and is a certified mediator. She is currently pursuing a Master in Public Administration at Suffolk University in Boston.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador

Burt Segall
Professor Emeritus
University of Massachusetts - Lowell
South Chatham, Massachusetts
GVE Volunteer since October 2001

Dr. Segall has thirty years of experience as a researcher and teacher of environmental engineering. He has worked as a consulting engineer for environmental engineering consulting firms and public municipalities and agencies. His teaching experience includes courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level in environmental chemistry, water resources engineering, fluid and solid mechanics, and water, wastewater and solid waste treatment and disposal. Research activities have included, chromium recycling for tanning industries, removal or gasoline hydrocarbons from contamination fine-grained soils with an electro-chemical technique, solid waste recycling technology, the preparation of biotechnology regulations and incorporation of coal tar and cyanide complexed oxide box wastes into cold-mix road paving materials. Dr. Segall holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from New York University; M.S. in sanitary engineering and M.P.H. in public health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and B.C.E. from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador, Guatemala, Cambodia

Lisa DeVellis
Doctoral Student
University of California
Davis, California
GVE Volunteer since October 2001

A Biosystems Engineering Ph.D. student at UC-Davis, Lisa remains involved with Global Village Engineers after a productive two years in their ranks. A graduate of Brown University, her Civil Engineering education and design experience in industry continue to aid her "volunteered knowledge" in the Lower Lempa region of El Salvador - where she will return mid-October to discuss the unremitting structural integrity of crucial flood infrastructure. Lisa is in the aquaculture engineering group at UC-Davis where water quality of closed recirculating systems is researched both locally and at the Bodega Marine Laboratory in Sonoma County, CA. She hopes to apply such work in an international agricultural development context as a wholly sustainable alternative to traditional agricultural practices, harvesting both cash crop potential and community health benefits. Lisa is on the Brown University Civil Engineering Advisory Board, and anticipates a long-term, fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship with GVE whose ethos, practice, and constituents continue to inspire her future goals.

GVE Project Experience:

El Salvador

Lori Kennedy
Masters Student
University of California
Davis, California
GVE Volunteer since June 2004

Lori Kennedy received her BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Certificate of Latin American Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2000. While attending UMASS, she co-founded and was president of Students for Sustainable Engineering, an organization with the mission to promote socially and environmentally responsible engineering practices. As an Ecological Engineer with the consulting firm Sustainable Strategies, Lori designed water and wastewater treatment and reuse systems for residential, commercial, and institutional clients. With a focus on community-based approaches to infrastructure development and natural resource management, specifically sustainable water systems, Lori will graduate in Spring 2005 from the University of California, Davis with dual Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and Community Development.

Kelly Naylor
Civil Engineer
Brown and Caldwell
Methuen, Massachusetts
GVE Volunteer since October 2002

Kelly graduated from Standford University with her BS (with honors) and MS in Environmental Engineering. As an engineer for Brown and Caldwell, Kelly worked on a range of design, construction, rehabilitation and operation and maintenance projects for water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater conveyance systems. For GVE, she assisted with a feasibility study of ram pump systems in Afghanistan and is currently working with other GVE volunteers to assess the condition of and recommend improvements for a drinking water system at the Aldea Infantil Rudolf Walther in Salcaja, Guatemala.

GVE Project Experience: Guatemala and Nicaragua

William B. Moeller
Professor Emeritis
University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Dunstable, Massachusetts
GVE Volunteer since June 2001

Dr. Moeller joined the UMASS Civil Engineering department in 1971. He was initially charged to develop and integrate sanitary and environmental engineering course work into the curriculum of the then still new department. He became the third department chair; a position he held for a six year period in the later years of the nineteen seventies. During this period, the department developed its graduate programs.

As departmental coordinator of the Environmental Graduate Programs of the Department,he, along with subsequently hired faculty, developed the highly regarded Master of Science graduate programs in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Studies.

Dr. Moeller has concentrated his teaching in the area of water resources, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests are related to regulatory development and application of technology to onsite wastewater treatment and disposal, and also to wetlands protection. In recent years, his interests have grown to include appropriate technology for sustainable development of water and sanitation in so called the developing world.

He has authored local bylaws and the associated regulations dealing both with wetlands and with onsite wastewater treatment and disposal. He has also authored or been a contributor for a number of assessment reports regarding programs or projects for which he has been an observing evaluator.

For almost forty years, Dr. Moeller has closely associated himself with the Rocky Mountain Hydraulics Laboratory, now the Rocky Mountain Hydrologic Research Center, Allenspark, Colorado. He is currently on the Board of Directors and Vice President of that organization.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

Charles M. McKinley
Senior Project Manager
Tetra Tech, Inc.
Camrillo, California
GVE Volunteer since August 2000

Charles McKinley, P.E. has been working for over 18 years in varying types of civil engineering and environmental projects. Mr. McKinley began his career with the California Water Quality Control Board, which in the 1980's was involved in regulating not only wastewater discharges but also solid waste disposal, stormwater runoff, and other environmental issues. Mr. McKinley was associated with the development of several fundamental environmental concepts including standards for alternative types of septic systems, joining of municipalities for regionalization of wastewater disposal, and balancing the aesthetic value of rivers with traditional uses such as hydropower generation.

Mr. McKinley has participated in all phases engineering projects in the disciplines of wastewater disposal, storm water control, water supply, site development, and environmental assessment.

Throughout his career, both as an environmental regulator and an engineering consultant, Mr. McKinley has focused on the practical aspects of implementing infrastructure and environmental improvements that are well suited to the needs of the people that will be living with the project. Mr. McKinley's experience with public coordination during the planning and design of a project and continued involvement during construction of a project, is applied to similar issues for the people and villages receiving new infrastructure in developing countries.

Mr. McKinley has also conducted various environmental training sessions for groups needing guidance on topics ranging from storm water control to handling of hazardous materials.

GVE Project Experience: El Salvador

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