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Project Summaries

Peru Projects
Review of Lead Smeltering Process - La Oroya
Pipeline EIA Review - Camisea
Environmental Defense

Guatemala Projects
Salcaja Water Supply Review
Rotary International

El Salvador Projects
Engineering Review of Bajo Lempa Levee Construction
SHARE Foundation
Chilanguera Levee Review
Voices on the Border
Review of Dam Operations on the Rio Lempa
SHARE Foundation
Flood Protection: Levee Inspection and Maintenance Guide Training
Comite de Seguimiento
January 13, 2000 Earthquake: Infrastructure Damage Assessment
SHARE Foundation
Post Earthquake Mudslide Workshops
Voices on the Border
Shoreline Erosion Control in Montecristo
Community of Montecristo
Lower Lempa River Reforestation Plan
Comite de Seguimiento
Lower Lempa Water Supply Distribution Pipeline
Voices on the Border
Las Colinas Landslide Mitigation Workshops
Voices on the Border
City of Santa Tecla

Honduras Projects
Rural Community Library Information Technology
Riecken Foundation

Cambodia Projects
Sesan River Environmental Impact Monitoring Study
Managing Water Treatment and Distribution Systems
Mekong Project Development Facility

Afghanistan Projects
Ram Pump Pilot Project

Mexico Projects
Site Visit and Project Review: High Tension Power Line
Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda
Technical Advice: Water Supply Reservoir Construction
Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda
Technical Advice: Community Wastewater Evaluation
Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda

Nicaragua Projects
Engineering Review of Municipal Projects and Priorities

Vietnam Projects
Hoa Binh Province Water Supply Design Evaluation
Doctors of the World

Central America - Regional
Plan Pueblo Panama

United States - Indian Country
Sioux Indian Manufacturing Health & Saftey Evaluation
Sioux Indian Tribe, North Dakota
Indian Country Environmental Hazard Assessment Project - Winnebago Tribe
Harvard University School of Public Health, Massachusetts
Indian Country Environmental Hazard Assessment Project - Taos Pueblo
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, New Mexico

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