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Global Village Engineers invites you to particpate as a volunteer. Applicants who are accepted into GVE's volunteer corps are given first consideration for participation on GVE projects, which often include travel outside the United States. Many other opportunities are available for professional development that don't include travel to project sites. For example, volunteers can:

  • Participate in online discussion forums about technical advances, international development issues, and other matters of interest to the volunteer corps.
  • Review and comment on reports being prepared by other volunteer teams.
  • Access all GVE reports and memos about past projects.
  • Receive first consideration for new opportunities

GVE welcomes applications at any time. While we cannot guarantee an immediate project for every volunteer, we strive to help volunteers realize personal and professional benefits from their affiliation with GVE.

In 2003, technical professionals with the following experience will be in demand for GVE projects listed to the right.

If your firm has employees interested in international volunteer work and would like to know more about how your firm may benefit from a charitable donation of your employee time, please contact us at

Project Opportunities

March 2016: Water supply in Tafi Atome, Ghana. This project is just starting to take shape so if you are interested please visit our Opportunties page and submit an application.

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Global Village Engineers is a 501(c)3 registered charitable organization.