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General Information
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1) Having reviewed the information presented to you about GVE, please describe what our mission statement "Assurance Through Volunteered Knowledge" means to you.

2) At GVE, our volunteers often find themselves in some rather interesting and thought provoking situations requiring a creative mind. With that incentive, do your best to be creative in addressing either Scenario A or Scenario B below. (Note: If you are applying for a non-technical position please do not answer Scenario A or Scenario B and proceed to Question 3.)

Scenario A

The setting: You have arrived at a small bridge crossing near a rural community in Guatemala. The bridge carries a small but frequently traveled unpaved roadway over a small stream. The bridge abutments are made of stone and the decking of wood planks. Describe as many different manners in which the bridge may fail. There is no correct answer, only creative ones.

[150 words or fewer]

Scenario B

The setting: You're working with a team of volunteers in a rural community in Latin America. The community leader has asked the team for help understanding the scope and impacts of a new hydropower facility proposed by a multi-national bank. The project involves construction of a new reservoir and dam, as well as an electrical generating facility. Power transmission lines will also be constructed to convey electricity to the capital city, which is 100 kilometers away.

The following week someone from the bank, government, and power company will visit the community and discuss the project. The community leader, on behalf of the citizens, asks the GVE volunteer team to extend their visit and attend this meeting to represent the community's interests. Based on what you know about GVE and its mission, how would you address this situation?

[150 words or fewer]
3) How will you ensure your continued commitment to a project?
4) The desire to help others is inherent in many people. What is unique about your desire to volunteer with GVE?
5) [Optional] Is there something you'd like us to know about you as your application is considered

Volunteer Statement of Intent
The purpose of my service as a volunteer is in furtherance of the objectives of Global Village Engineers. I will not partake in any activities that are of detriment to the organization or to its objectives.

I will undertake my duties as a volunteer in accordance with the ideals of volunteer services, being guided by the motivation to devote my knowledge and abilities without regard to financial benefit, towards realizing the objectives laid down by Global Village Engineers.

By submitting this application, I certify that I have represented my identity, my skills and my background accurately, and that I accept the above conditions.

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Volunteering time is not for everyone but there are other ways YOU can make just as significant an impact. If you'd like to learn about other ways to support Global Village Engineers please see our How I can help section.

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